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ESI Tools

The following are tools which Elektron Systems has available:

  • C/C++ Compilers
  • LibreOffice Tools, Linux based, Word Compatiable
  • GNU Octave, Linux Based, MatLab Compatibility, plus Toolboxes
  • Vivado, Xilinx
  • Atmel Studio, Microcontroller/ARM Development
  • Raspberry PI Hardware and Software Development
  • Python 2 and 3 Plus Tkinter and PyQT
  • KiCad, Linux Based, Schematic Capture and PCB Layout
  • Ngspice, Linux Based Circuit Simulation
  • Electronic Development Equipment, Scope's, Signal Generators, Soldering, etc.
  • High Vacuum System, Diffusion Pumped, LN2 Cold Trap, 12" Dia Bell Jar, etc.
  • Astronomical Imaging System, ZWO/ASI Camera Based, 5" & 8" Apertures
  • Milling Machine, Lathe, Sheet Metal Shear/Bender, Drill Press
  • Laser PCB Two Layer Prototype Plotter, Etching

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